Sun, 02/03/2008 - 20:00
Flyer Flyer

Fractal Cowboys & gHreg on 3arth
+ Special Guest appearance by Umbra of Fifth Element!

As we emerge from the umbral shade of the ecliptic plane, our feet firmly planted in the soil, we give thanks to the divine phases, the lunar wake, and the ever reaching constellations of inner spirit. Observing the complexity of this era from the humble tap-rooted shelter of the Asterales, TripleGoddess expands the cosmopolitic - igniting the Taraxacum, seed to bloom. From the deep side of the West Oakland spiral, we embrace the dark psychedelic triploid of the ClockFlower.

The TripleGoddess collective, a small band of dear souls, welcomes you to our second event in the West Oakland Lower Bottoms. This party represents our interest in supporting the Village Bottoms Cultural District, a grassroots effort to protect this corner of West Oakland from corporate influence and the ill-concieved designs of Oakland City planners. As a group of socially-conscious trancers, we seek to establish a positive, harmonious, community-oriented, East Bay psychedelic trance monthly.

This month we welcome Ghreg on Earth and the Fractal Cowboys!
Come join us!

Décor: Organic Mechanix/Psylotus

Venue: Black New World
Location: Village Bottoms, West Oakland, 94607
Limited Capacity: 175 +/-

Music Starts @ 9:00

Time: 8pm - 5am
Cover: $10 (at door)