Sat, 12/15/2007 - 20:00
Flyer Flyer

TripleGoddess presents an immersive psychedelic trance experience from the depths of West Oakland's Lower Bottoms.

Venue: Black New World
Location: Village Bottoms, West Oakland, 94607
Limited Capacity: 150 +/-

Time: 8pm - 5am
Cover: $10 (at door)

Deco By: Organic Mechanix



The TripleGoddess Collective

The Bottoms, the dense hidden corridor of West Oakland. A lush underbelly ripe for psychedelic exploration. The home of awakened beings; seedlings prepared to germinate, root, and extend the light of ancient beacons.

In pagan/neo-pagan mythology, the triple moon symbol represents the divine auspice of feminine energies - the maiden, the mother, and the crone - as well as an essential celestial pattern significant to our mother earth: the lunar cycle - the waxing, full and waning moon. The Lunar light provides us a way through the darkness. In the absence of horror, the fear of the dark dissolves into beautiful complexity - our sacred nature and it's birthing shine from within.

The TripleGoddess collective, a small band of dear souls, welcomes you to the first of many gatherings in the West Oakland Lower Bottoms. This party represents our interest in supporting the Village Bottoms Cultural District, a grassroots effort to protect this corner of West Oakland from corporate influence and the ill-concieved designs of Oakland City planners. As a group of socially-conscious trancers, we seek to establish a positive, harmonious, community oriented East Bay psychedelic trance monthly.

Come join us!